New Album Features Prog Synth Gods Covering Synthesizer Classics

Cleopatra Records has introduced a new album, Synthesizer Classics, that features prog synth gods covering classic synth tracks.

The album features Jordan Rudess, Rick Wakeman, Geoff Downes, Patrick Moraz, Larry Fast and others covering tracks like Giorgio Moroder’s Chase and Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.

Here’s Jordan Rudess’s prog’ed up take on Moroder’s Chase:

Synthesizers Classics is available to pre-order in physical and digital formats.


“Tubular Bells” – Derek Sherinian
“Magic Fly” – Rick Wakeman
“Pulstar” – Geoff Downes
“Chase” – Jordan Rudess
“Oxygene (Part 4)” – Patrick Moraz
“Escape From New York” – Thijs Van Leer
“Tour De France” – Nyte Jewel
“Visitors” – Larry Fast

16 thoughts on “New Album Features Prog Synth Gods Covering Synthesizer Classics

  1. ‘gods’? there are no gods that aren’t anthropomorphic delusions. use a better identifier like ‘good musicians’.

    1. Well, if you define a ‘god’ as “a superhuman being worshiped as having power over nature” and if you consider a synthesizer as part of nature, than, indeed, there are (although I wouldn’t necessarily put all of the people playing on this compilation in that class).

  2. “Oxygene” again? If any or even all of them together created a NEW “Tubular Bells,” I’d not only buy it, I’d have the album cover tattooed on my chest. 😛 I appreciate all of these guys, but I’d love to see a Prog 2.0 appear that found a better space in the current field. Its too top-heavy with folksy acoustics or hip-hopping. Not to slag ’em, just wishing for more variety.

    Derek is especially gratifying; he has a new Planet X album called “Purple,” due on August 12. He carves out a unique killer category called “Derek.”

    1. Wrote a review of Derek’s first Planet X and was very surprised to get an e-mail from him. Class act and an amazing keyboard player. There is a fire/passion in his playing IMHO. Rudess is technically amazing but just doesn’t connect with me much of the time. Did not know about the new Planet X release, very cool, will definitely check it out.

  3. I have truly enjoyed all of these in their time, but sadly it looks like the trend of recycling old instruments over and over again have finally reached music as well 😉
    No breakthrough synths and now no breakthrough music as well…

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