A Charlie Brown Synthmas

Blockhead Synthmas, by the Blockhead Trio, Here’s what they have to say about the album: “This is a hypothetical (and anachronistic) “best-christmas-ever” where I get a brand new KORG 770 synthesizer, a brand new YAMAHA MR-10, and the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack on Vinyl. And what’s more – I USE THEM! I revel in all… Read More A Charlie Brown Synthmas

Dr. Sunshine’s ‘A Rainbow Kitten Christmas’

A Rainbow Kitten Christmas by Rainbow Kitten From the land of WTF comes the holiday cheer of Dr. Sunshine’s A Rainbow Kitten Christmas. The album offers Dr. Sunshine’s unique take on Christmas songs, featuring 8-bit chiptune sounds, lo fi vocoder goodness and a heaping helping of weirdness. 

Three Winters – Chroma

Chroma is the debut album of Norwegian electronic trio Three Winters. According to the band, Three Winters – made up of Kim Sølve, Anders B. & Lars Fredrik Frøislie – takes inspiration from the vintage sounds on the ‘fifth generation VHS movies’ that defined their generation. The 11 tracks on Chroma sound like a soundtrack from a lost… Read More Three Winters – Chroma

Wendy Carlos’s Tron Score Gets Limited Edition Blue Vinyl Release

Audio Fidelity has released a limited edition virgin vinyl release of the Wendy Carlos soundtrack to the 1982 sci fi film Tron. Carlos’s score combined electronic elements, played on Moog and GDS synthesizers, with orchestral elements, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the UCLA Chorus. The fusion of elements worked well with the film, which… Read More Wendy Carlos’s Tron Score Gets Limited Edition Blue Vinyl Release