Wave Machine Labs Auria At NAMM 2012

This video, via soundonsoundvideo, takes a look at Auria, the new 48-track audio recorder for the iPad.

Key Features:

  • Up to 48 tracks of simultaneous playback
  • Record up to 24 tracks at once
  • VST plugin support
  • AAF Import and Export
  • Fully featured multitrack editor
  • Includes plugins from PSPaudioware, Fabfilter, and more

There’s been a great deal of buzz – and controversy – around Auria. Part of this is because it challenges people’s conceptions of what the iPad processor and architecture is capable of doing. Another part of this is many people aren’t sure how something like Auria would fit into their workflows.

It’s still a few months away from shipping. In the meantime, check out the overview and let us know what you think of Auria!

10 thoughts on “Wave Machine Labs Auria At NAMM 2012

  1. At 2.36 he says you can record 18 tracks at once? So how do you plug even more than a stereo input into an I pad. I pads would be great if you could. It is plainly incorrect that you can record 18 tracks at once into an Ipad.
    The guy is rocking about like he is on meth. Could someone please xplain how you record eighteen trax of audio on an I pad, Eighteen seperate trax? What interface is that with?
    We are told I pads are great, they aren’t even touch sensitive for the many ‘drum’ programs ‘apps’ is the tedious term. I was on the phone to a guy last night who is a producer , he didn’t speak to highly of his I pad. So please one of you I pad fetishists , please explain how you record 18 tracks at once. 2.36 is where he says it.

  2. Yes, goofypriest is correct. Auria’s devs have successfully recorded 18 simultaneous inputs from a USB audio interface

    Perhaps instead of dismissing “iPad fetishists” you should
    a) get your facts straight (I am an iPad factist, myself)
    b) calm the hell down
    c) stop complaining
    d) but mainly, calm the hell down

  3. OK ,
    I am calmer now!!!
    so a usb audio interface with 18 inputs? is there one you can suggest ? and is an I dock part of this set up too ? How are the 18 input usb connectors mounted? I imagine the cabling is tricky?
    I look forward to your reply,thank you .
    PS The usb to I pad connector are they sturdy?

  4. No idea which one they tested it with but there are 18 input units from focusrite, Tascam, esi and a couple of others I think. If they’re USB class compliant there’s no reason any of them wouldn’t with the camera connection kit. A few manufacturers have been demoing directly attached audio interfaces for iPads.

    Of course I understand some of your rage – the iPad focus of namm this is year is borderline insane, but notwithstanding this hype, some of these devs are pulling off pretty amazing feats with iPad hardware. Apparently loads of Auria is written in pure assembly language to squeeze the most out of the hardware.

  5. Never mind all that… is anyone else bothered by the $50 price point? It’s made worse knowing that each of those nice FX is going to cost you around $10 extra. If you get everything in this app you could easily spend $200 or more, and from what I can see you wouldn’t have anything you can’t already get in other iPad apps, other than a whole lot of tracks.

    I guess this app might be one of the first to pose a real option for “desktop replacement”, assuming you are doing nothing other than tracking audio (no midi, no virtual instruments, etc). I use my iPad as a sketch pad and instrument, so I use things like NanoStudio instead. Maybe in future versions they will add those features to this app, but something else magical would have to be included to get me to pay that much money for functionality I already have. It will be very interesting to watch this product’s strategy play out.

    1. I noticed that at the NAMM show the guys don’t appear to have a recording set up rigged up.
      So their expensive product isn’t open to a working prcatical scrutiny.
      ‘Apparently loads of Auria is written in pure assembly language to squeeze the most out of the hardware.’
      that is really cool on one level , but on another that means the machines at full stretch!I.
      I think that the obsession with I pads is quite nauseating and I think there are a lot of people parting with hard earned cash to be dissapointed later . There is something very evangelical about mac products, like buying one offers ‘salvation’ .The hype makes me cringe .
      I am sure better and more cost effective systems are available that are tried and tested.
      Good luck to everyone. I won’t be buying an I pad and will pleases when sonic states looses its funding from apple.

  6. “pure assembly” means it’s extremely expensive to fix bugs, very hard to add features and generally short run of life. They’ll need to write something brand new every other year (to get people to cough up full prices) and they can’t put one or two interns/new-hires/outsourcerers to maintain the old product. It will basically have to be left to rot in its place.
    Not sure any of if that applies to this program, which really looks like nice tool btw!

    (And actually I’d love to be there for the thrill, but script doodling lets me have the easy stress-free life…)

  7. IMO $200 is not too much to pay for a 48-track DAW for your iPad IF it works properly.

    Assembly code, if used in a platform that enables others to write plugins (ie, add features), can have a decent life cycle, especially during times of hardware lagging behind user’s expectations.

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