Virtual Vocalist Hatsune Miku Learns English

hatsune-mikuHatsune Miku – a virtual vocalist and holographic pop star – has learned English.

Crypton will release the English singing software version of Miku, Hatsune Miku V3 English, on August 31st.

Hatsune Miku V3 ENGLISH is a ‘futuristic voice synthesizer’ that allows users to create vocal parts from scratch by entering a melody and lyrics. Users can change the expression of Miku’s singing voice and mood by adding vibrato, dynamics and other effects.

The software comes in an all-in-one package that includes vocal editor Piapro Studio VSTi, PreSonus Studio One Artist Piapro Edition, and over 200 virtual instruments for immediate music productions.

Here’s a demo video of Hatsune Miku in action: Continue reading

The Meganome – A DIY Arduino MIDI Controller For Controlling Music Robots

Remember Patrick Flanagan & Jazari – his band of electroacoustic music robots?

This video takes a look at his DIY MIDI controller, the Meganome.

“I like the feel of arcade buttons and look of exotic hardwoods,” notes Flanagan, “so mass-market products just weren’t right for me.” Continue reading

SoundsOnline Ships Vocaloid Avanna, The Robo Enya, a division of EastWest, has begun shipping its “Celtic-inspired” vocaloid virtual vocalist, Avanna.

If you check out the demos on their site, ‘Celtic-inspired’ translates roughly into ‘robo-Enya’.

Yamaha’s Vocaloid technology is designed to let you create virtual vocals by entering lyrics and notes. At this point, the voice synthesis technology is realistic enough to take you into ‘uncanny valley’ territory, sounding realistic-esque.

The new Vocaloid 3 interface lets you import wav files, so Avanna can “sing along” with your compositions from within Vocaloid. Avanna comes with a default reverb for added realism; you can also add vibrato and expression to “her” voice. Continue reading

WindChime Synths For Ableton Live

AfroDJMac has released a new Ableton Live Collection created from tuned metallic wind chimes, WindChime Synths:

The Ableton Live Pack includes 5 Instrument Racks, 4 Drum Racks, 4 Effect Racks, plus 10 additional presets. These Ableton Racks are quite diverse and easily manipulated with macro knobs. A couple of the instruments use wind chime samples that were recorded directly to reel to reel tape, adding to the organic feel.

AfroDJMac created an EP, WindChime Ambience, that demonstrates the WindChime Synth pack. You can preview it below:

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Isao Tomita To Premier Work With Virtual Singer Miku

Electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita, 80, has announced he will feature a virtual singer Hatsune Miku as the main singer in his upcoming orchestra concert on November 23rd at Tokyo Opera City Hall in Tokyo.

His new piece Ihatov Symphony, which expresses the world of Kenji Miyazawa’s novel, will be performed by Japan Philharmonic Orchestra with a conductor Naoto Otomo. Miku will appear on stage as 3D image and sing and dance in time to music.

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