WindChime Synths For Ableton Live

AfroDJMac has released a new Ableton Live Collection created from tuned metallic wind chimes, WindChime Synths:

The Ableton Live Pack includes 5 Instrument Racks, 4 Drum Racks, 4 Effect Racks, plus 10 additional presets. These Ableton Racks are quite diverse and easily manipulated with macro knobs. A couple of the instruments use wind chime samples that were recorded directly to reel to reel tape, adding to the organic feel.

AfroDJMac created an EP, WindChime Ambience, that demonstrates the WindChime Synth pack. You can preview it below:

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Isao Tomita To Premier Work With Virtual Singer Miku

Electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita, 80, has announced he will feature a virtual singer Hatsune Miku as the main singer in his upcoming orchestra concert on November 23rd at Tokyo Opera City Hall in Tokyo.

His new piece Ihatov Symphony, which expresses the world of Kenji Miyazawa’s novel, will be performed by Japan Philharmonic Orchestra with a conductor Naoto Otomo. Miku will appear on stage as 3D image and sing and dance in time to music.

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Smule AutoRap Hits 2.5 Million Downloads, Now Everyone’s A Rapper

YouTube Preview Image

If you hate AutoTune, prepare to take a long elevator ride down to the previously undiscovered 10th circle of hell.

Developer Smule has released AutoRap, for Android & iOS devices, and, in just a few days, the app has been download 2.5 million times. With Smule’s “rappification” technology, AutoRap maps the syllables of your speech to beats, to create a unique rap.

Above, Smule mastermind and Stanford Assistant Professor Dr. Ge Wang performs The Cornholio Test.

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Synthophone Turns Your iPhone, iPad Into A Virtual Stylophone

Developer Beats ‘n’ Bobs has released Synthophone, a virtual Stylophone for iOS.

According to the developer, Synthophone “pays homage to the original Stylophone but with more modulation options.”


  • Three different waveforms such as sawtooth, square and triangle wave.
  • Control the vibrato (pitch modulation) speed and depth.
  • Transpose up each note to the next octave. (Handy for playing in another key)
  • Adjust the amplitude envelope attack and release.
  • Plus a a bonus bender (-/+5 semitone)

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Arturia Intros Wurlitzer V Electronic Piano Virtual Instrument

Arturia Wurlitzer

Arturia has not been resting, lately, with recent introductions including the MiniBrute and the Oberheim SEM V virtual instrument.

Now they’ve introduced Wurlitzer V, described as ‘a high end software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.’

Unlike sample libraries, Wurlitzer V’s physical modeling engine reproduces the very acoustic properties of reeds, key action and amplification, delivering realism while offering maximum flexibility on sound. The Wurlitzer V goes further by giving you 70’s style stompboxes and tube amps.

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Is The Tupac Hologram The Future Of Remixing?

The strangest music technology news in a long time has to be the digital reincarnation of Tupac.

The performance that generated the most buzz at this year’s Coachella wasn’t from a rising star, but from a virtual version Tupac Shakur, who’s been dead 16 years.

Thanks to Dr. Dre and visual effects company AV Concepts, the ‘Tupac Hologram’ was able to perform with Snoop Dog at the festival, as shown in the video below.

Here’s what AV Concepts had to say about the Tupac Hologram:

After months of design, engineering, and creative consultation,  AV Concepts delivered a perceived 3-dimensional, life-sized holographic projection of Tupac to perform on stage with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, during the renowned desert festival.

Utilizing the Musion Eyeliner system, the 30′ x 13′ screen was customized by AV Concepts to descend onto the stage in mere seconds between sets of the performance to bring the infamous, deceased singer back to life.

Here’s Holographic Tupac and Snoop Dog in action:

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Music Robots Play The Beatles’ Come Together

YouTube Preview Image

These music robots, The Hubos, may not be ready to replace The Beatles, but they are hot on the heals of the Blue Man Group.

The HUBOs, from  Drexel’s Music & Entertainment Technology Laboratory, are operating autonomously (not human-controlled). Their movements are directed by student-developed software to perform the gestures necessary to produce the appropriate notes and beats as dictated by a musical score. Every sound in the video was performed by the robots.

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