New Site, 808 Kicks, Offers Free ‘Transistor Kicks’ Sample Library

B808M-Transistor-Kicks-FreeA new sample source, 808 Kicks – The Boom Boutique, has launched and is giving away a free sample library to introduce their work.

Here’s what they have to say about the 808 Kicks:

The Boom Boutique pays tribute to the original boom box – the legendary TR-808. We offer the highest-quality drum sounds and kits, either sampled directly from the 808, refined using analog or digital effects, or inspired sound emulations with even more bang for your buck.

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New Site, A Sound Effect, Offers Catalog Of Independent Sound Effect Libraries

asoundeffectA Sound Effect is a new site that offers a catalog of independent sound effect libraries.

“These libraries are usually spread out over a huge number of individual sites, making it really tricky to find relevant sfx from the independent community,” says creator Asbjoern Andersen. “I thought it was a real shame, as they do some amazing stuff – so I’ve managed to get 25 indie sound designers and recordists on board to showcase more than 80 of their libraries.”

At A Sound Effect, you can browse, preview, search and find specific libraries from all 25 sound designers. See the site for more info.

New Patch Sharing Site,

SynthmobBenjamin Lee of contacted us to lets us know about their new site, where members can share presets and patches for audio plugins.

He adds:

To celebrate our official launch, we are running a sweepstakes with loads of cool prizes to win. The grand prize is a Novation MiniNova! Other prizes include Native Instruments Massive, discoDSP Discovery, Subsonic Labs Wolfram and more!

See the Synthmob site for details.

Get 25GB Of Cloud Backup On Gobbler For Free

Andrew Reinfeld, the Community Manager, for, contacted us to let us know that Gobbler really is an online tool for backing up and managing audio projects, and not a porn site.


So, to help clear up any confusion, here’s the scoop.

Gobbler is an Internet ‘cloud’ service designed specifically for the needs of the music creation community. It works with Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Nuendo, GarageBand, Cubase, Reason, Studio One and most other major DAWs.

You can use Gobbler to:

  • Backup your audio files offsite, in case your system dies;
  • Send and receive huge audio files; and
  • Organize audio and index audio files.

To prove to you that Gobbler’s really a cloud tool for musicians, they’re offering 25GB Gobbler accounts free for one year to anyone who signs up before December 7th. If your monster project is just too big for that, paid upgrades for larger storage capacities will be coming after they get Gobbler out of their testing stage.

See the Gobbler site for details.

And if you give Gobbler a try, let us know what you think of it!

Note: Gobbler is currently Mac only. Windows support is promised, but no released date has been announced.

reTracked – Two Free Music Discs

Tracker Alex Radzishevsky sent word of his site, Retracked, and two free discs of tracker music:

Dear Synthtopia,

I think this never been announced at Synthtopia, that’s why I decided to draw your attention. is a community of people who recreate old favorite tracker music in modern quality. Everything is described at the main page, here is only a small cite:

“The main aim of this project is to create cover-versions of those wonderful musical compositions which touched our souls in order for more people, both familiar and otherwise with the tracker art, to appreciate and enjoy this wonderful music. “

reTracked already released two discs. Not only music, but complete releases with unique software player.

Free. Available in any quality up to CD.

Trackers are a class of music sequencers that emerged in the early days of personal computing. reTracked is a non-commercial initiative of a group of tracker musicians, traditional musicians and fans of the tracker art.

reTracked’s two discs of music are free downloads from the site.

AudioSauna, An Online Audio Workstation, Like GarageBand For The Cloud

AudioSauna is the latest entry in the growing area of browser based music software. It’s an online audio workstation – sort of like GarageBand in the ‘cloud’.


DigitalAudio Workstation with an easy-to-use interface:

  • MIDI-Sequencer
  • Pattern arrange and piano roll modes
  • Audio mixer
  • Realtime effects
  • Channel automation
  • Quantization

Virtual Analog Synthesis:

  • Unlimited polyfony
  • 2 Oscillators with envelopes
  • Oscillator waveforms: saw, square, triangle, sine and noise
  • 2 lowpass filters and 1 highpass filter
  • Amplitude envelope
  • Filter envelope
  • LFO for filter and pitch with triangle, square and random waveforms
  • Frequency modulation Osc2 –> Osc1
  • Portamento
  • Chorus, distortion and bitrate effect processors

FM Synthesis:

  • Unlimited polyfony
  • 4 Operators with envelopes
  • 8 Algorithms
  • 2 lowpass filters and 1 highpass filter
  • Amplitude envelope
  • Filter envelope
  • LFO for filter and pitch with triangle, square and random waveforms
  • Portamento
  • Chorus, distortion and bitrate effect processors


  • Unlimited polyfony
  • Unlimited layering of samples
  • 2 lowpass filters and 1 highpass filter
  • Amplitude envelope
  • Filter envelope
  • LFO for filter and pitch with triangle, square and random waveforms
  • Portamento
  • Chorus, distortion and bitrate effect processors

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Moog Music Updates Its Site

Moog Music website

Moog Music today introduced a new version of their website – and it’s more than just a facelift.

The new site is designed to position Moog as a company that is unique, creating instruments that carry on a legacy from the earliest days of synthesizers. And while the point of the new site is obviously to sell synths, it manages to do it in a pretty classy way.

In addition to product information and company news, the site now features sections focusing on Bob Moog, the history of Moog instruments and Moog-related media:

  • The Legacy section features retro synth ads, historical catalogs, historical timelines, interviews and more.
  • The Sights & Sound section offers sound and image galleries, product demos and jams from the Moog Sound Lab.

The site update is a reminder that Moog is doing a pretty impressive job of carrying on Bob Moog’s legacy. They now offer best-of-class instruments in multiple categories and are still expanding the boundaries of analog sound creation.