Digital Musician Intros Online Music Collaboration Plugin

Online music collaboration community Digital Musican has released the Digital Musician Plug-in (DMP), a plug-in that sits in any insert channel of any VST or AU Audio Sequencer/ DAW.

The plugin enables real time, connection of different music production applications, via the Internet. DMP is free for registered users of

“Using the DMP I can be running my Cubase on Windows in my Hamburg studio, collaborating with my guitarist in Los Angeles running her Logic system – all recording in real time in a simple smooth work-flow,” says Digital Musician Chief Technology Officer Charlie Steinberg. “It’s as though we are all in the same studio together.”

“The DMP is a milestone in my vision for musicians to connect, collaborate and produce music together, no matter where they are in the world,” adds Steinberg. Continue reading

New Site, Patternarium, Lets You Evolve Beats

YouTube Preview Image

This demo, via Torley, takes at Sonic Charge Patternarium, a new site that lets you help “evolve” beats, by using a social media voting mechanism.

The site creates beats algorithmically and then they “evolve” to survive:

Our servers are regularly spawning new generations of a thousand unique patterns, each one being the cross product of two other patterns picked at random. The higher votes a certain pattern receives, the more likely it is to get picked and bear offspring into the next generation. This means that you may participate and influence the outcome of Patternarium simply by voting.

The beats are designed for uTonic and are public domain. You can download the “evolved” beats and use them with uTonic.

Blow This! Synth Cakes Go Mobile

Mobile music blog Palm Sounds is celebrating their 4th birthday in style, with a sweet mobile music-making synth cake.

I’ve got no idea what app that cake frosting is running but it’s pretty clear that there is some tasty mobile music making involved.

If you’re not familiar with Palm Sounds, its constantly updated with info on mobile music making and other cool topics.

If you’re in the camp that hates Synthtopia’s iPhone music software posts because you use some other mobile platform, check out Palm Sounds, because they have broad coverage of Palm and WinMo platforms, too.

Ohm Studio Internet Music Collaboration Platform Sneak Preview

YouTube Preview Image

This is a preview of Ohm Studio – a new Internet music collaboration platform that looks a bit like GarageBand for the Web.

The service is now in beta – but the service looks pretty cool and the preview video is is pretty styletastic.

Check it out!

Turn Your Website Into Bad Electronic Music With CodeOrgan


Ever wonder what your website or blog would sound like as bad electronic music?

Now you can find out with CodeOrgan – an online service that generates music out of the content of Web pages.

CodeOrgan analyzes the text of pages and turns it into music using an algorithm that determines the key, synth style and drum pattern.

We’re sorry to say, but CodeOrgan’s take on Synthtopia sounded sort of meandering an pointless. (No jokes now!) What’s your site sound like?

Moog Taurus 3 Bass Synthesizer Gets Its Own Website


Moog Music has introduced a new Website focusing on the Moog Taurus 3 bass synthesizer,

The microsite is intended as a gathering place for owners and future owners of the Moog Taurus 3, and features videos about the work that went into creating the bass synth, audio samples, a forum and more.

New jamLink Audio Interface Lets You Jam Over The Internet


Music networking startup MusicianLink has introduced the jamLink – an Internet audio interface enabling musicians to play in sync from multiple locations across town or hundreds of miles apart.

The jamLink delivers CD-quality audio and works with guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals – basically any instrument or mic that has a 1/4” instrument output.

Here’s how it works:

The jamLink requires a high-speed Internet connection, a web browser and headphones. There is no software to install; It was designed with plug and play ease in mind.

The jamLink is equipped with an Ethernet port that connects it to your network and is controlled by software hosted by your computer’s web browser. Once users log into, they can manage and initiate the jamLink sessions as easily as starting a chat session. is a social network for jamLink users. Like other social networks, you can find and make friends, and connect with other musicians of similar talent and interests. Each jamLink user creates a profile and is able to search for compatible partners based on music style, instrument and ability. friends can share MP3 files, chat, and post messages.

The jamLink is now available directly from for $244 (introductory pricing) or save up to 25% when you purchase three or more.

If you’ve used jamLink, leave a comment below about your experiences with it!

More details and a demo below. Continue reading

Two YouTube Videos And A Motherfucking Crossfader


OT: Some days, you get Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet ’08.

Some days, you get Ableton Live 8.

And some days, you get Two You Tube Videos And A Motherfucking Crossfader, a site that turns your web browser and your favorite YouTube dance tracks a rudimentary DJ setup.

Use the twin search fields to help cue up your next tracks, press play and then start crossfading.

via PranksterDice