Kraftpad – A Virtual Analog Drum Synth For iPad

Kraftpad is a virtual analog drum synthesizer for iPad that lets you create your own electronic drum sounds, using 10 different kinds of dedicated synthesizers. Features: Virtual Analog Drum Synthesizer (no samples used) 10 Different kinds of dedicated synthesizers to easily create each drum sound Kick, Snare, Rimshot, Clap, Hi-hat, Tom, Conga, Claves, Cowbell, Cymbal… Read More Kraftpad – A Virtual Analog Drum Synth For iPad

Jomox Intros Eurorack Drum Modules

Jomox has announced a new line of analog drum modules in Eurorack format. The ModBase 09 bass drum modules and Mod.Brane 11 percussion modules are expected to be available in Summer 2013. Additional modules are planned. Here’s what they have to say about the new Euro analog drum modules: