New Analog Synths At The 2014 NAMM Show


At the 2014 NAMM Show, there were more new analog synths than we have ever seen at the show. There were new analogs from companies like Korg, Moog and Elektron; there were a lot of interesting new synths from smaller companies; and there were several all-in-one Eurorack synth modules.

murmuxp2Here’s a roundup of the full-fledged analog synthesizers introduced at the 2014 NAMM Show:

  1. Intellijel Atlantis Eurorack – a fully patchable dual oscillator analog subtractive synth voice in Eurorack format.
  2. Moog Sub 37 – a big new analog monosynth that builds on the design of the Sub Phatty.
  3. The Korg MS-20 Kit lets you build your own full-scale version of the classic synthesizer.
  4. The Analog Rytm – an 8-voice analog drum synthesizer.
  5. The Analog Keys – though this was announced before NAMM, this was the first appearance at the show for Elektron’s new analog synth keyboard.
  6. The Meeblip Anode is technically a hybrid design, featuring digital pulse oscillators with pulse width control, based on those found in the original MeeBlip, alongside a three-stage envelope, a LFO and an all-analogue filter with resonance control. But it’s cheap, open source and sounds pretty bad-ass, so we’re including it on the list!
  7. Pittsburgh Modular System 10 – an all-in-one Eurorack starter synth that features their new Synthesizer Box module, along with Mix Mult, MIDI2 and Outs utility modules.
  8. The Pittsburgh Modular System 90 is a complete, stand-alone, fully modular synthesizer that bridges the gap between classic east coast synthesis and west coast experimentation.
  9. The Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3 ‘Fire-Breathing Dragon’ is their flagship all-in-one modular synthesizer. Among its many modules are two of Pittsburgh new Waveforms oscillator modules and two of their new Envelope modules as well as the new Lopass Gate coupled with their classic Filter multi-mode filter module.
  10. The Studio Electronics Boomstar SE80, which features a filter based on the Yamaha CS-80.
  11. The Studio Electronics Boomstar 700, which features a filter based on the Korg MiniKorg.
  12. The Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075 which features a filter based on the classic Arp 2600.
  13. The Studio Electronics Boomstar 5089 – inspired by the classic Moog 24db ladder filter design.
  14. The Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM  – which features an Oberheim-inspired 12db filter.
  15. The Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003 – inspired by the classic Roland TB-303.
  16. Moog Music introduced a limited edition aluminum Minimoog Voyager.
  17. Littlebits Korg Synth Kit – this was introduced before the show, but made its NAMM debut at the 2014 Show.
  18. Freaqbox introduced a new Bass Pedal Synthesizer
  19. Freaqbox introduced a new semi-modular synthesizer
  20. Freaqbox also introduce the Initiate – a vintage styled starter synth
  21. The Arturia Microbrute made its NAMM debut at the show.
  22. The Novation Bass Station 2 was released in the middle of 2013, but made its NAMM debut at the 2014 NAMM Show.

Let us know if there were other new analogs that belong on the list. And let us know what you think of the latest crop of analog gear for synthesists!

22 thoughts on “New Analog Synths At The 2014 NAMM Show

  1. I’m disappointed in contrast to the last 2 years.
    Yeah,an affordable polysynth would be nice.
    I would like to see acces again with a new virus.
    I’m not interested in another expensive moog or clavia synth that’s for 80% the same of their other synths from the past .

    1. Patience oh wise……there is a new synth coming….. The UI is unlike anything else…..let’s put it this way…..imagine a ipad like screen….with knobs galore. And no, I do not mean you have to dedicate an ipad to it….the screen is built in!


    2. Cola Verde announces a totally new synth !!!!

      A synth you can play without touching anything…..
      a synth you can program without tweaking any knob
      a synth using all known synthesis ……

      The name of this machine is already set…..It’s called IMAGINATION

  2. P12 desktop? If you’re going to make an exception for hybrids, make the exception. If, on the otherhand, you’re including meeblips offering just because you liked it well… Thats a matter of opinion, of which im sure there are many… And a different list.

  3. Your cup is definitely half-empty if you’re disappointed by 20 new synths. 🙂

    My wish list item is to see Studio Electronics make a Boomstar Pro that’s got all 6 filters in it, with a toggle to switch between them. It looks like they are basically the same other than the filter, so a super monosynth that could sound like a CS80 and a Moog and a Pro One, etc, would be killer.

    1. This would be great. With the current offering, if you want to try more than 1 filter, it makes much more sense to just build a modular.

      1. SE and Pittsburgh Modular will be offering modular versions of the SE filters, hopefully at a reasonable price. That said, I’d love to see a Boomstar which includes several filter boards. I really like the sound of several of them, but can’t justify getting more than one.

        1. Exactly! You know the cost isn’t for the electronics – it’s everything else!

          Give us the ultimate mono synth – with a dial to switch filter types!

  4. everyone has missed the serie “murmux” of dreadbox or what? their work is truly remarkable, the sound is really very good, and they are gorgeous, and their effects pedals that are very good too! I must admit that I fell in love with the “murmux” semi-modular and I am looking forward to buy one!

  5. this was the new high tide of analogue. now expect the rise of digital: new possibilities or more efficiency in many areas without compromising sound. this will be fun. because remember: analogue is not a value by itself.

  6. I expect that Alesis will never do another knobby synth or workstation. They took a beating on the Fusion.

    Dave Smith has 4 polysynths in producing right now. That’s not counting module units either.

    The King Korg sounds fabulous. I really can’t stress that enough. If you are thinking about a polysynths, go try one out.

    You know what I would like to see? A keyboard that runs a standalone version of Mach 5 with a large (iPad sized) touch screen.

  7. How do all those Boomstars qualify as new? I thought they came out in early 2013. I know for sure I bought one last summer…

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